Roland Emmerich de olho no apocalipse de 2012

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  1. antonio maximino disse:

    a fisica,a astronomia e muitos outros,tentaro, acerta esse dia,mais tudo em vã Jesus sade esse dia,o fim estar perto. amem

  2. nancy disse:

    o homem quer estar a frente de tudo mas, sobre o fim do mundo so Deus e quem sabe!

  3. Sasckuatch disse:

    Roland Emmerich film will not give us any idea about the end of world. If you’re relly interested in to know about the consequences up comming until 2012 whatch the movie that I’ve made. 2012 The Movie. It was released 2006 and updated 2008.08.08, and now with brazilian subtitle.

    Best rgds,

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